Monthly Bakery. April: Spelt bread with tomatoes and black sesame seeds.

Tomato - spelt bread with black sesame seeds
For the leaven
• 55g active sourdough rye flour,
• 200g white spelt flour, (type 63 or 70)
• 200 g water,
• 1 apple, grated on a vegetable grater.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, cover with plastic sheet and leave for a minimum of 12 hours.

Bread dough
• Leaven, about 500g,
• 400g blended, canned tomatoes,
• 350g white spelt flour, (type 63 or 70)
• 300g plain bread flour (type 75)
• 1 TBSP honey,
• black sesame black (optional, quantity depends on individual liking)  
• sea salt, about 15g
• In addition, flour for dusting, while transferring and forming dough.

In a large bowl add blended  tomatoes to the levain followed by salt, honey, sesame seeds.
Gradually add both sifted flours and mix well.
Knead dough either by hand or a mixer until combined, by hand at least 10 minutes, mixer, half the time.
Cover dough and let rise, for about 3 hours.
After 1 hour, remove the dough from the bowl onto a floured surface, flatten stretch and fold and put back in a bowl.
1 hour later repeat the process from step 5.
Now shape dough into 2 round round or oblong shapes. You may leave it as 1 piece.
Transfer to a basket, the 2 pieces will touch. Cover dough for the final rise.
Make incisions to your likings and bake at 250°C/ 480° F with some ice cubes on bottom of oven, lower temperature to 220°C/430°F another 30 minutes.

Remarks: dough will be quite loose, but with each stretch and fold it will become more resilient.

Pomidorowy chleb orkiszowy z czarnym sezamem
Przepis na chleb pomidorowy zafascynowal mnie od momentu, w którym Amber przyslala mi zaproszenie do tradycyjnego comiesiecznego pieczenia, a przepis wybrała Dorota . Wiedziałam, ze chleb na mace orkiszowej musi byc pyszny, ale z pomidorami w chlebie nie miałam zadnego doświadczenia. Na chlebie, owszem, kocham, ale przepis nic nie mowil o plasterkach posolonych i oproszonych pieprzem. Nic z tych rzeczy. Amber, dziękuje ci za podsyłanie nam tak ciekawych przepisów!
Przesladowal mnie ten przepis i wreszcie nadszedł dzień przygotowania zaczynu. O malo nie spedzilo mi to wszystko snu z powiek. Jak nastolatka czekająca na cudowna randkę. Ja, starsza pani! Niesamowite!